Star Fleet Battles & Federation Commander CAPTAIN'S LOG #46

Star Fleet Battles & Federation Commander CAPTAIN'S LOG #46
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Captain's Log is the official journal of the Star Fleet Universe. More than a magazine, it is in one way an expansion module for each of our various product lines, and in other ways is the primary means of communication between the company and you, the gamers. Captain's Log is published twice a year, in May (just in time for convention season) and in November (to wrap up the year's developments and set the tone for the next year). It includes fiction (including historical monographs), news (product schedules, rules updates, convention news), and no end of "play value material" including new ships, rules, and scenarios.

Captain's Log is divided into sections:

◾HISTORY: This includes fiction stores, historical monographs, deck plans, starship class histories, and similar background information. ◾COMMUNICATIONS: This section includes Tournament and Convention reports, Announcements of new products, After-action reports on recent products, Ten questions (just what the questions are about rotates with each issue), Input guide (how to submit materials for publication), Starline 2400 (announcements of new ships and contest winners), Ask Admiral Growler (questions about SFB rules), Why questions about the game background, Filksongs, and Awards to those who have contributed to new products and projects. ◾FEDERATION COMMANDER, our newest product line, is fully supported with news, tactics, new scenarios and ships, expansion rules, and articles about our on-line and play-by-Email systems. ◾STAR FLEET BATTLES, our flagship product line, claims most of this space, including four sections: ◾Tactics: Victory at Origins, term papers, tactical primers, and other tactics articles. ◾Scenarios: Several new historical battles, covering the General War and (often) the Early Years and Omega Sector. ◾New ships: a dozen or more each issue. ◾Database: A collection of articles including Battlegroup (expert players build fleets within defined limits for specific missions), a major new expansion rule, Brothers of the Anarchist (conversions of captured ships), special rules for a monster, and an update of a major SFB rule. ◾Venues is a collection of articles supporting our other product lines and activities, including computer games, the Star Fleet Warlord campaign system, the Galactic Conquest campaign system, the Star Fleet Battle Force card game, the Prime Directive Roleplaying Universe, Starmada, Star Fleet Marines, A Call to Arms Star Fleet, and our On-Line and Email gaming systems. ◾ FEDERATION & EMPIRE, our strategic game system, is fully supported with rules updates, questions with answers, a new scenario, new ships, Origins mega-event updates, and Tactical Notes.


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