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Konflikt Japanese Starter Set
June 1947. The Imperial Japanese Army is consolidating its position after almost 16 years of war,..
Konflikt Chi-Ha medium tank with compression turret
The advent of Rift-technology, however, has allowed Japan to close the gap in some areas. Althoug..
Konflikt Japanese Scorpion light walker
The Type 6 Ke-Ho Kei-Hokousensha ‘Scorpion’ clearly owes its speed and agility to the German ..
Konflikt Japanese Battle Exoskeleton Squad
Granted access to the mass of German Rift-tech development, Japanese scientists were able to make..
Konflikt Japanese Ghost Attack Squad
Using the technical data provided by Germany, the Japanese have made incredible advances in the f..
Blister pack containing 4 metal Japanese Ghost warriors with SMG ..
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