BattleTech: Inner Sphere

BattleTech: Inner Sphere
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Battletech Softback Sourcebook

Inner Sphere examines the culture and history of the major factions that reside in the Inner Sphere and the near Periphery. Each sections features an in-character introduction from a member of the faction, a map of the nation or region, followed by a historical synopsis, and a short discussion of the faction's culture and society. The book closes with a section on the capital world of each major faction. 

For millennia humanity has traveled the stars, building empires that span hundreds of light-years. Those empires are home to a myriad of complex civilizations. This sourcebook takes an in-depth look at the cultures and societies of the powers of the Battletech universe. Take a candid look at what life is like in the Inner Sphere, whether you're a Capellan who just gained citizenship or a Federated Suns student attempting to gain entrance to the prestigious New Avalon Institute of Science

The Inner Sphere sourcebook provides information on the five great Houses— Kurita, Davion, Liao, Marik, Steiner, as well as the lesser powers of the Periphery. The Inner Sphere also offers general histories of each society, comprehensive maps and a section detailing ten key worlds of the Inner Sphere.

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